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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

important things to write ad killer

create a compelling, “must get more information” headline first
stay away from using CAPS or BOLD CAPS
write your copy in an enticing fashion
write your copy so each point flows smoothly to the next
save all the good sales letters you come across and thow away those that scream hype.
Once you have sales, request testimonial. place them into your copy
this is extremely important. Your copy must be free of errors
writing effective copy doesn’t happen the first time you attempt to write it
keep your sentences and paragraphs as short as possible
never get caught up writing about the features of your offer
when you’re writing, include the words “you” and “your” as often as you can
always give your contact information
add free bonuses
remove skepticism
establish a control
Titanium dioxide to degrade pentachlorophenol

Pentachlorophenol is a phenolic compound that was chlorinated. Pentachlorophenol very toxic for our breath, cause dermatitis on skin and more toxic than inorganic solvent.

Pentachlorophenol waste almost dissolvable in water so degradation process is very hard. Some ways have been done to solve biological waste problem, but not efficient enough. For example, active carbon just involve pollutant absorption without decomposition process. Chemical oxidation process can’t decomposition all of organic compound be carbon dioxide and water, and have been used in high concentration waste.

Many century ago, scientist success to describe phenomenon photocatalytic in surface of metal-oxide semiconductor. Firstly, have been issued by Renz in 1921 until 1960, and not responding by scientist. Photocatalytic semiconductor popularity increase since publication Akira Fujishima in Nature magazine was issued in 1972. He was reported decomposition water be oxygen and hydrogen used single crystal TiO2 with input UV light in low energy.

First research, TiO2 have been used as photocatalytic suspension system. Nowadays, the uses TiO2 as photocatalytic is used in thin plate shape, which is immobilization TiO2 to many kinds of supported material like fiber, glass, silica, and titanium plat.
how to make our body more health and energizer?

This several exercises and meditation help to improve your health, more energizer, more focus and more happy, fell free to do it everyday

Stand erect barefooted, relax your fingers, exhale gently, then bow forward with feet straight, touch your toes with your fingers, maintain this for a few seconds. Then inhale while returning to the standing position with arms raised as high as you can, continue your move until your body is bent backward. Then exhale while returning your fingers to your toes. Maintain this for a few seconds, inhale, and so on .... repeat seven (7) times

Relax your head, neck and shoulder muscles. Slowly rotate your head 3600 clockwise while inhaling. Hold your breath for a while, again rotate your head clockwise while exhaling. Repeat twice. Do the whole process but move your head counterclockwise, three times.

Stand straight, arms raised and outstretched to your sides. Rotate your body clockwise 3600 with eyes stay open while inhaling. When returning to your starting position, hold your breath, focus your sight forward, then repeat the rotation while exhaling. Do this five times, then repeat the whole process counterclockwise five times.

Stand straight, arms raised and outstretched to your sides. Inhale, hold, then exhale while moving your body so that your right hand is touching your left foot. Hold this position for a while, then return to your starting (standing) position while inhaling, hold, then exhale while moving your body so that your left hand is touching your right foot. Do this seven cycles.

Sit on the floor and cross your legs, spine erect, palms on your lap facing down humbs touching forefingers, eyes closed. breath naturally through your noseThen inhale for five counts, hold for five counts and exhale also for five counts. Then breath normally for a while before repeating the inhale, hold, exhale cycle. Do 25 cycles.

lay on the floor, spine erect, palms on your lap facing down, eyes closed. breath naturally through your nose, attention to the breath, do about 5 minutes

Do meditation, and visualize you are on forest complete with trees, animals and rivers etc, do about 10 minutes

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Warteg Kertajaya

Kuliner malam ini disempatin nongkrong ama temen2 dari bangil di warteg sambel penyet di seputaran kertajaya dekat kampus unair. Keramaian tak diragukan lagi. Kalo masalah masakan kayae hampir sama dengan penyet2 lain yang bertebaran. Yang bikin keki cuman banyaknya pengamen hi2. Sepertinya dimanapun penganen pasti ada deh. Walaupun biasa, tapi temen2 tetep aja abis beberapa piring. Hi2

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nongkrong di Royal

Malem ini gw sempetin ma bobby dinner di Royal Plaza. Abis nyikat semangkok soto, dilanjut secangkir kopi arudam cappucino. Soale yang jual asli madura makane namae agak aneh. Tempate lebih asik, jadi ajang pacaran. Hi2 kasian kita berdua, cuman bisa ngowo wo wo.

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Monday, January 28, 2008


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